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Why should I support KAZQ with my business?


“Glad you asked! Thank you for your interest in supporting family safe programming!”

KAZQ is a full power, non-commercial, educationally licensed, 501(c)(3) Organization television station serving the communities of Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, Belen, Los Lunas as well as most of the entire state of New Mexico including portions of Southern Colorado and Eastern Arizona via our digital broadcast signal, broadcast cable outlets and satellite coverage with Dish Network and Direct TV.
So your spot can potentially be seen by a million plus people with whom many may be very interested in the services or products you provide.

If KAZQ is a non-commercial station, how do we advertise our goods and services on your station?


KAZQ does not solicit or produce commercials or advertising for our station.

What do you mean you don’t advertise? Isn’t that what I need?


We recognize grants and donations through what is referred to in the non-commercial industry as a “grant acknowledgment”.

What is a Grant Acknowledgment?


A grant acknowledgment cannot list your pricing information, sales, discounts, etc or “Call To Action” / “Comparative” Statements such as “Come by or call today for the best deals and service in town!” and is much lower key in a promotional nature – but we can show and list the products and services you provide as well as contact information including your address and phone number.

We do, however, include with the production of the grant acknowledgment, a complete “commercial version” of your spot for use on our commercially licensed “sister” station KTVS -36. The commercial version will be completely portable for use at other commercial stations or media outlets including the web.

To summarize, you, as a business, are showing your support for family safe programming and in recognition of your support, we are saying “thank you!” by producing a beautiful information video that will be seen by many people. (See our coverage here)

Contact Us


We hope we have been as transparent and upfront as possible and if you have any other questions please Contact Us  and we will gladly answer any other questions you have.

Testimonials / What Our Clients Say

  • KAZQ TV32 has been a tremendous blessing to our church and enabled us to impact thousands of lives through television.
  • We have been in partnership with KAZQ for many, many years. They are a great blessing to our city and metro area and the state.
  • We have received a lot of response from our viewers and would like to thank the Lord that you are watching KAZQ TV32.
    Pastor Solomon Sanchez, Apostolic Praise Temple


KAZQ is dedicated to producing cutting edge shows, promos, animations, and more using high-end camera and lighting equipment, state-of-the-art studios, and the latest breakthroughs in production software. KAZQ uses some of the same post production software that is used by major production studios. Learn More

We are staffed by experienced editors and technicians who use advanced editing suites and have many years of post production experience. Let us help you with your next production, animation, or church video – post production can be independent of production if you would like to bring us your pre-produced media, we can edit it! We are proud to be able to offer ministry based non-linear post production, motion graphics, and much more!

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