Production & Post-Production

KAZQ is dedicated to producing cutting edge shows, promos, animations, motion graphics, and more using high-end cameras and lighting equipment, state-of-the-art studios, and the latest breakthroughs in production software. KAZQ uses some of the same post production software that is used by major production studios.


JVC is a notable company in the camera industry. From High Definition function to extremely fine pixel size, the HD250 brings a pristine picture to the Television, making shows and promos look amazing. We use these cameras for studio in conjunction with other more mobile cameras for field shooting. We are proud to be able to offer the best for production cameras here at KAZQ.


Field and Studio Filming Techniques

When shooting in the field we use many different advanced camera techniques. It is important to remember that each video frame should support the story you are trying to tell and elements that do not enhance, support or otherwise distract the viewer should be eliminated. Composition is extremely important in video. For instance, does the shot call for a short focal with great depth of field or a long focal length and a shallow depth of field? A wide angle with a smaller aperture (f-stop) and slower shutter speed will produce a scene with much depth of field. In other words, the entire scene will be in focus from the foreground to the background. A longer focal length, (zoom) with a larger aperture and faster shutter speed will produce a scene with less depth of field. In other words, only the intended subject is in focus and the background is out of focus or blurred.
With each and every scene the viewer should not have any doubts about the intended center of interest. The “center of interest” does not mean that the main subject is centered in the viewfinder but it does mean that all of the elements of the scene point toward and support the intended subject.



Studio and Field Lighting

We have two, fully loaded, Arri lights kits for both studio and field use.

We generally use a three point light setup which includes a Key, Fill and Back light. Back lighting should not be confused with background lighting. The purpose of the “back” or “hair” light is to softly illuminate the hair and shoulders providing depth and separation from the background. The Key light is the main light source used and a fill light helps reveal the shadow detail that would otherwise be hidden. Many times during a “talking head” interview type shot we will use a two light setup with a reflector.  A “softbox” or “softbank”, mounted to a 1000 wt Arri Fresnel is used as the “Key” or main light source, placed off center to the subject. A piece of white foam core board or reflector is positioned opposite the Key to provide fill light for shadowed areas of the face.

20140612_100209A 300 wt. Arri Fresnel is used as a “separation” or “back” light. This lighting setup provides a “softer” look to a person and is typically more flattering toward the subjects facial features than a smaller or harder light source might be.
These lighting techniques apply both to studio and field productions. An example of how these techniques might be used in the field would be to light a church pastor as he makes a video announcement in his office, library, sanctuary or just about anywhere.


Editing & Post Production

KAZQ has 2 fully equipped edit bays using Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, and many other post production products. ( We finally had to retire our Media 100’s after many years of solid service.) The editors are nonlinear, meaning data can be randomly accessed digitally and video clips can be used and sorted in any order. Because an editor is digital does not always mean nonlinear. Digital recording tape is a form of linearly accessed data because one must search from one point on the tape to another to find the desired video clips or segments.


Using Adobe After Effects, we have the ability to produce original animations and unique motion graphics as well as other modern video styles (kinetic-typography, 3D motion graphic spots, etc…). Adobe Premiere Pro has the ability to combine the power of the entire Adobe Creative Suite which contains Photoshop, Flash, and many more state-of-the-art products. By having the ability to seamlessly integrate these products, we can start from the ground up and build different elements of a video one piece at a time, and then combine these elements in Premiere Pro to create a stunning animation, intro, motion graphic, spot, grant, commercial, or any other video production.

If you would like to speak to someone about your production needs, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us – Contact Us