“Thank you for airing the 700 Club and CBN Newswatch each weekday. It is a great privilege for CBN to partner with KAZQ in broadcasting a life-changing message of hope to Albuquerque, Santa Fe and Central New Mexico.”

– Gordon Robertson, Chief Executive Officer, The Christian Broadcasting Network INC

“We are blessed to be airing on KAZQ-TV32”

– James Robinson, Life Today


“We have been in partnership with KAZQ for many, many years. They are a great blessing to our city and metro area and the state.”

– Pastor Steve Smothermon, Legacy Church

“We are blessed to join hands with KAZQ TV-32 In delivering the Gospel Truth Program”

– Andrew Wommack Ministries

“KAZQ TV-32 has been a tremendous blessing to our church and enabled us to impact thousands of lives through television.”

– Pastor Brian Alarid, Passion Church

“We have received a lot of response from our viewers and would like to thank the Lord that you are watching KAZQ TV32”

– Pastor Solomon Sanchez, Apostolic Praise Temple

“Congratulations to KAZQ for bringing Family-Friendly television to so many people in New Mexico. I am delighted that the 700 Club and CBN Newswatch are featured on your broadcast schedule. God Bless You!”

– Pat Robertson, Founder and Chairman, The Christian Broadcasting Network INC