• Partnering With You

    Partnering With You

    "We are blessed to be airing on KAZQ-TV32" James Robinson, Life Today

  • Spreading The Gospel

    Spreading The Gospel

    "We are blessed to join hands with KAZQ TV-32 In delivering the Gospel Truth Program" Andrew Wommack Ministries

  • Changing Lives & Delivering Hope

    Changing Lives & Delivering Hope

    "It is a great privilege for CBN to partner with KAZQ in broadcasting a life-changing message of hope to... New Mexico." Gordon Robertson, CEO, The Christian Broadcasting Network INC (CBN)

  • Impacting Our City, State, & Country

    Impacting Our City, State, & Country

    “We have been in partnership with KAZQ for many, many years. They are a great blessing to our city and metro area and the state.” Pastor Steve Smothermon, Legacy Church in Albuquerque.


KAZQ satellite, cable, and broadcast signal covers a population base of approximately 1.8 million.

  • Wide Area Coverage
  • Online Global Internet Stream
  • Excellent Viewer Response


Airing on KAZQ

Although we air many National programs, we encourage the success of local ministries.

  • Professional Look
  • Great Time-slots
  • Advantageous

Spots and Grants


We are staffed by experienced editors and technicians who use advanced editing suites and have many years of post production experience. Let us help you with your next production, animation, or church video – post production can be independent of production if you would like to bring us your pre-produced media, we can edit it! We are proud to be able to offer ministry based non-linear post production, motion graphics, and much more!