“Thank you for airing the 700 Club and CBN Newswatch each weekday. It is a great privilege for CBN to partner with KAZQ in broadcasting a life-changing message of hope to Albuquerque, Santa Fe and Central New Mexico.”

– Gordon Robertson, Chief Executive Officer, The Christian Broadcasting Network INC

“We are blessed to be airing on KAZQ-TV32”

– James Robinson, Life Today


“We have been in partnership with KAZQ for many, many years. They are a great blessing to our city and metro area and the state.”

– Pastor Steve Smothermon, Legacy Church

“We are blessed to join hands with KAZQ TV-32 In delivering the Gospel Truth Program”

– Andrew Wommack Ministries

“KAZQ TV-32 has been a tremendous blessing to our church and enabled us to impact thousands of lives through television.”

– Pastor Brian Alarid, Passion Church

“We have received a lot of response from our viewers and would like to thank the Lord that you are watching KAZQ TV32”

– Pastor Solomon Sanchez, Apostolic Praise Temple

“Congratulations to KAZQ for bringing Family-Friendly television to so many people in New Mexico. I am delighted that the 700 Club and CBN Newswatch are featured on your broadcast schedule. God Bless You!”

– Pat Robertson, Founder and Chairman, The Christian Broadcasting Network INC

“Thank you for watching Enjoying Everyday Life right here. I love sharing practical teaching from God’s Word with you. God loves you so much and wants you to experience his good plans for you so you can enjoy your life every day!”

– Joyce Meyers, Enjoying Everyday Life